Knowledge is a business advantage.

Leveraging art and science simultaneously, Known investigations uncover deeper truth, enabling businesses to make knowledge based decisions.

Knowledge is power. For your organization to perform to its potential, you need reliable and actionable information. Known uncovers insights, enabling your business to make informed decisions. Through intelligent investigations, we equip you with the insights required to improve business metrics and make strategic decisions.

About us

Known brings together world class resources to deliver a full spectrum of intelligence services. With international experience and an inquisitive DNA, we find the answers hidden in the gaps between information, analysis and cognition.

We are critical thinkers, curious researchers, behavioural experts, data junkies and intuition nerds.  With experience from Law Enforcement, academia, the legal world and the investigation industry. This multidisciplinary expertise enables us to access the broadest range of tools and support a multidimensional and abstract approach.

We use a combination of proprietary technologies and human intelligence to unearth unique sources, identify unusual patterns or irregularities, understand and predict human behaviour and apply intuition to create actionable outcomes.


We supplement digital sources with a human knowledge network built on decades of reciprocity and trust. With access to all echelons, we ask the questions to identify information that others don’t see.


A highly structured approach ensures that a vast toolbox of high-tech and analog approaches and multidisciplinary specialists are deployed in an efficient and coordinated way to maximize the breadth and depth of investigative coverage.


Whether our client is a corporation, compliance body or qualified individual, they expect the investigative undertaking to support clear business objectives. We design each engagement to ensure an intelligence led shared outcome is achieved.
Our Approach


General investigations.

When an organization suspects one of its trusted employees or partners is behaving dishonestly or unethically, the matter needs to be managed swiftly, discreetly and decisively. We complement existing legal and accounting channels with proprietary technology, on-the-ground surveillance and investigation to clarify and address the situation.

Business intelligence.

To make the right decisions and take action confidently, businesses need access to the deeper story beyond the surface. Known uncovers the information and assembles the multidimensional picture the organization needs to make informed decisions about executive hires, mergers and other key business decisions.

Team augmentation.

As valued external resources or fully embedded members of your internal investigative department, our team provides specialized skills and expertise required to resolve complex and sensitive issues. We also provide training, policy creation and department architecture to create self-sufficiency and resilience.

IP protection.

Protecting your organization’s intellectual property fosters innovation and safeguards your market advantage. We specialize in helping tech firms identify and rectify the theft of IP assets by internal and external actors. Services include resolving active IP threats and setting up self-managed, in-house protection programs.

Liability mitigation

An organization can be exposed to legal, financial and reputational risk when employees, executives or partners behave unethically. We examine both individuals and organizational structures to enable our clients to identify potential and emergent risks, reduce or control the liabilities, and protect themselves from future risks.


As a multidisciplinary investigation agency with global reach, Known supports a diverse clientele including enterprises, professional services, regulatory bodies and those with complex problems that need to be accurately informed.

Clients turn to us for help with complex, high-stakes situations that require specialist services, ingenuity and finesse. While other firms cover pro forma requirements, Known is trusted to serve an elevated need.

Our clients are motivated to discover insights, hiring us not only to address current issues, but revisit past investigations that failed to resolve the issue satisfactorily or yield the information required.

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